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 Proteus the shiny Magikarp

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Lazarus Rex


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PostSubject: Proteus the shiny Magikarp   Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:48 pm

» Name: Proteus
» Gender: Male
» Species: Shiny Magikarp #129 Fish Pokémon
» Affiliation: None

» Level: 5
» Ability: Rattled
» Moves:
-Splash (Birth)
-Flail (Egg Move)
-Be useless(nature)

» Likes: The color Red, it reminds him of his school back at home and his father. Giving Advice, it makes him feel useful but he doesn't give it for free. Money, he thinks that it's what makes the world spin and can't help himself when someone offers money for him to do something, no matter how extreme it is. The sky, he loves being high in the sky, he's only experienced this feeling once and has fallen in love with the sky ever since. High places, it brings him close to the sky.

» Dislikes: Losing anything, he tends to be over confident and sometimes even arrogant so he dislikes losing. Being ordered around impolitely, he hates it when people are rude to him so no thank yous and pleases means no service, even if money is involved. Trees(when he's under them) because they obscure his view of the sky. 

» Personality: Proteus can be a bit overconfident, and tends to be in the know how of everything so he believes. He gives advice, but tends to give the complete opposite of what people want/need. He believes he can fly, he thinks he's the only magikarp that has the capability to fly in the exact correct conditions. He tends to be kind, but greedy when it comes to poke. Proteus confronts every situation bravely, and doesn't chicken out(until he knows that there's no way out of the situation, THEN he chickens out) The Magikarp doesn't show off his golden color, thinking that he is just a new species beginning to develop. He still calls himself a Magikarp, but thinks that natural selection is taking place with his "ability to fly" and golden color.

» History: His mom was a normal red magikarp, of course, and his dad a Basculin. They had met each other and fallen in love at first sight when they noticed each other's flail attacks. Together they had eggs, Proteus's egg was larger than the rests though. So his parents, believing him to be the strongest, named him Proteus, in hopes that he would be as wise as he was strong. That didn't work out too good. The magikarp loved giving advice, but he always gave the wrong kind. He was a bit arrogant and thought he knew everything, but he wouldn't rub it into other's faces. His parents were glad for that at least.

One day, the school of fish had been caught in a water spout. Proteus was the only one who was curious and stupid enough to swim next to it and sent flying into the sky! There he experienced the thrill of flying, being in the sky, the clouds, and the ground rushing towards you at what must have been fifty miles per hour. He was tossed onto the continent from the ocean, there his taste of adventure was born as he flopped around, getting used to his body slamming on the ground every time he moved. He continued to travel, slowly but steadily, to Grassveil, where he hoped he would find adventure waiting around every nook and cranny in the area. He was a fish out of water here, both literally and figuratively, since he had no desire to see his parents again(he was old enough to leave them anyways, in his opinion at least since fish in a school never really leave each other and he had no desire to follow a crowd's movements for the rest of his life) and the pokemon in the area were mostly land walkers. He knew though, his adventure was about to begin



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PostSubject: Re: Proteus the shiny Magikarp   Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:59 pm



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Proteus the shiny Magikarp
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