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 The beggining of a new world

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The beggining of a new world Empty
PostSubject: The beggining of a new world   The beggining of a new world EmptyThu Jun 13, 2013 7:24 pm

The town under where Nightrose sat was busy as most towns were. Nightrose was a young absol and not used to going to towns. She stared at the place with one crimson eye the other covered by her messy white fur. Her claws scratching the smooth stone under her turning it rough. She was debating if she should go into town or not. Letting out a sigh she leaped from the rock. She made her mind up. She slowly made her way toward town.

She entered the busy town her claws softly clicking against the cobblestone street. The only other time she came to a town was to warn pokemon of a disaster. Would these pokemon think she was here for the same reason? Would they thing something was about to plague them? She looked ovr at the other pokemon and shops as these questions continued to roam aimlessly in her head. There were many different kinds of pokemon here making her wonder if there were any other absol here as well. She continued on slowly looking at the shops and other pokemon get ready for the day.
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The beggining of a new world Empty
PostSubject: Re: The beggining of a new world   The beggining of a new world EmptySat Jun 15, 2013 2:50 am

Soon night began to fall of the town and the pokemon began packing up and departing to there dens. Nightrose looked up at the moon then started to find a quiet place to sleep outside of town. The day wasn't very eventful but she did gather some information while she explored the town. She thought it over for a long time and thought it might help her find the pokemon she was looking for. She was thinking of starting an exploration team but that also meant she would be tied down to the guild. She sighed and found a cave not far off from town. She searched for some moss to make the cave more comfortable and made a nest out of it. She curled up in the soft green pillow of moss and closed her eyes. She didn't fall asleep for a few hours all the thoughts rushing through her head of how she would start this team.
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The beggining of a new world
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