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 William the Gastly

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PostSubject: William the Gastly   Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:12 pm

» Name: William
» Gender: Male

» Species: Gastly

» Affiliation/Rank: Normal Pokèmon

» Level: 5

» Ability: Levitate

» Moves:
- Lick (Start)
- Hypnosis (Start)
- Spite (Lvl. 5)
- Smog (Egg)

» Likes: Sour food, reading, shadows, intelligent conversation, silence, the moon.

» Dislikes: Wind, prejudices, people who act before they think.

» Personality: Although he may be a nice guy, his time in isolation has also made him a bit bitter and prone to sarcasm. He is quite intelligent but prefers to keep his thoughts to himself. He always tries to stay calm and keep his cool so if he´s yelling at you, you know you REALLY pissed him off.

» History: After having been shunned by society for his menacing appearance one day he finally snapped and began leading a life in isolation in which he spent most of his time reading. Recently though he got bored by this kind of life and yearns for acceptance. For that reason, he decided to form a rescue team and prove that he is not as horrible as everyone thinks.

» Other: Wears a black cloak with hood in a (futile) attempt to look less scary and as a protection from wind.
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PostSubject: Re: William the Gastly   Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:29 am

Looks good, approved!
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William the Gastly
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