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 Kezzet J. Crow the Zangoose

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PostSubject: Kezzet J. Crow the Zangoose   Wed May 15, 2013 9:41 pm

» Name: Kezzet J. Krow (( Previous last name was Koldor ((Kezz for short))

» Gender: Male
» Species: #355 Zangoose
» Affiliation: None so far.

» Level: 5
» Ability: Immunity – The pokemon cannot be under the “Poison” condition while having this ability.

» Moves: (Going by the Black and White set, if I can’t please tell me.)
- Night Slash (Egg)
- Scratch (Initial)
- Quick Attack (Level 5)
- Leer (Initial)

» Likes:
Rain – It always seems to calm him and give him a piece of mind. Whether it’s the sound or the sight is not known, only its effect on the male, no matter what mood he is in at the time.
Sour Berries – The sour taste helps him stay awake when he needs it.
Friends – As much as he tries to keep quiet, the male appreciates any friends he makes, and will fiercely protect them with his life if they are in danger, no matter who the enemy is. If you gain his trust, you will gain a loyal ally…Despite his nature.

» Dislikes:
Broken Trust - This is something the male never wants to deal with again..Which is one of the reasons why it’s a bit hard to gain his trust or even get him to speak more than needed. Out of all of this dislikes, this is the BIGGEST peeve.
Harmed Friends – Aside from the previous dislike, this is a close second of the few dislikes he has. The title “Friend” is something he doesn’t take lightly. The ones he calls by that title are actually people that went above and beyond what they have to and EARNED that title…As such, they are basically his berserk button. He knows the difference between harmless teasing/playfulness and outright malicious intent, thankfully so it is more focused than you’d think.

» Personality: Quiet and reserved, he actually has a less imposing feel to him than a lot of his brethren due to the constant, sleepy look on his facial feature. In fact, he is quite slow to anger, and can actually give a more cheerful side around people he trusts. However, his anger, if you do set him off, is more potent when its released, and it will take a good while to calm him down. However, despite this he is a good person at heart, with a will to help out when the chips are down.

» History: The male’s story began years ago, in a town smack dab near the center of a grassland plane in the western portion of the world called “Chincital Town”. In this place, Sevipers and Zangooses populate a thriving, but very segregated community due to the curse of their specie’s long feud still gripping the populace with it’s toxic claws. In this town, a small zangoose child walked through the streets with his eyes to the ground. His name was Kezzet J  His body, bruised and beaten from the neighborhood zangoose children, still had the energy for him to move as he walked through the streets, not even looking at his fellow species…
Unlike the majority, the Zangoose didn’t see the point of holding onto a life long grudge. He did not hold that same hate inside as the others…He saw everyone as the same….And he was shunned for it… By people of the same species as he is…There were only a few in this world that he could feel like he was someone…The mother that gave her life to bring him into this world…The father, that gave his own life to protect him…

He suddenly bumped into someone falling flat on his tush without a sound. However, before he could see who it was, a gentle tail slowly wrapped around him, lifting him back up to his feet as a friendly, deep voice ask if he was alright. This caused the Zangoose to look up at the person, staring and soon even smiling at who was now his third reason that he still could find happiness in his life…His foster father, James Krow…A Seviper.

Another oddity like him, James also held none of the hate the two species clutch onto so “dearly”. He saw both as just fellow pokemon and he even was able to whittle away some of the hatred. Because of his influence, he was able to adopt the child when his father died, especially since he was a good friend of the family.. He raised the Zangoose like he was his own flesh and blood, teaching him what he knows and raising the boy to not give into that hate…To fight only when its needed…And to endure all of it…Each word he spoke, the Zangoose soaked in, and never forgot…Even after a lot of years have passed and the hatred seemed to lessen some, he still remembered… Along with the lessons, James told the child of his many adventures; Before he came to the town, he was originally the leader of a team: Haven…He spoke of his original teammate, a female Sceptile named Raine. He detailed the many rescues he went on, even imitating some voices for chuckles. He spoke of all he discovered, all the wonders he saw, and much, much more.

These stories were the trigger that sparked his desire to do the same one day, each year building that desire up. He endured the hate his community gave, the bullying he suffered, the cold shoulders…All for that day…However, just a day before he actually was old enough to leave, he got into a horrible scuffle with some of those same bullies that gave him a permanent scar on his right eye. However, this didn’t go unpunished as, in return for all the pain they and many like them caused, the anger that was bottled up inside the male finally slipped out, causing the Zangoose to go on a thorough beatdown on his aggressors..He was only able to snap out of it when James found him and brought him into a big hug. It took a good moment before the male finally snapped out of it, realizing what he has done, no matter how much they deserved it..The only thing that James could say that everything would be alright…

The male was exiled from the town when the details got out, never allowed to come back even though the Zangoose was in the right for all they did..However, for the Zangoose, he could care less about coming back to the town…He only cared about what would happen to James when the Seviper came with him to the entance…”I wish I could change their minds..” the seviper spoke in a solemn, yet saddened tone, looking at the Zangoose. “However, I will try my best…This place needs to change if it is going to survive in this evolving world we live in…” The zangoose, on the other hand, was quiet the entire time, causing a worried look to appear on the Seviper’s face. “Whats on your mind, Kezz..?”

The Zangoose looked up at the Seviper, his eyes softened with tears as he gave a few words in a soft tone “Will..I ever get to see you again. Dad..?” Hearing these words made the Seviper freeze, looking back at the child he had raised for so long…The two have only called each other by their nicknames for the longest while…But finally hear the boy call him Dad….”Y-You-…” The words were caught in his throat, tears soon starting to flow from Jame’s eyes. It wasn’t long before the male gave a father-like smile and wrapped around the Zangoose into a big hug, a hug which the boy gladly return. “We will…My son..” The seviper finally spoke with a softer tone…”If not here…then out there…We WILL meet again…”

Jame’s words caused a smile to appear on the Zangoose’s face, keeping the hug up for a good while before the two finally parted. With tears dried and goals set, the two bid each other a fond farewell, the promise they made that day staying with them in their hearts…Who knows? Their time might come one day..Only time will tell..

» Other:
- The male is nearsighted, so he wears a pair of glasses that seem to have a habit of staying on his face no matter what he is doing.
- The scar he has occasionally causes him pain, its also a bit of a touchy subject so you won’t be able to find out until you get his trust.
- Has a dark blue scarf, given to him by his foster father before his exile, though he usually tucks in the loose end so its not caught on anything.

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PostSubject: Re: Kezzet J. Crow the Zangoose   Thu May 16, 2013 11:28 pm

AWW YIISS! Freakin' AWESOME Bio and Character!

Character has been APPROVED!
Be sure to create your Character Records!

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PostSubject: Re: Kezzet J. Crow the Zangoose   Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:20 pm

Character has been reclaimed by its original owner, SDRIFT!
Adoption Form can be found HERE

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PostSubject: Re: Kezzet J. Crow the Zangoose   

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Kezzet J. Crow the Zangoose
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