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 Sorren the Combusken

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PostSubject: Sorren the Combusken   Wed May 01, 2013 2:50 am

» Name: Sorren
» Gender: Male
» Species: Combusken #255 Young Fowl Pokémon
» Affiliation:Will be a grassveil guild member (isn't now)

» Level: 18
» Ability: Blaze
» Moves:
-Scratch (Start)
-Focus Energy (Level 7)
-Ember (Level 13)
-Double Kick (Level 16)

» Likes: He likes fighting, because he can become stronger and help others. Pie, one of the first civilized foods he ever ate, has always stuck with him as his favorite food. He also likes snow, ice, and cold weather.

» Dislikes: He dislikes fighting, because it is a scary thing. He is afraid of heights, darkness, dragons, Large bodies of water, the number 13, etc. He absolutely hates  it when people treat him like a kid.

» Personality: Sorren displays a thinly veiled confidence to hide his fear. He is scared of quite a lot of things, but pushes through the pain. He is deeply sad inside. He looks to the future and fights like he didn't have any fear at all. He is shy and timid in social situations, but when things really matter he defends what he believes in with a fiery passion. (His personality will dramatically change when he evolves.)

» History:  
Sorren was born in an icy region where he grew to love the snow and ice. When his family was attacked, he became afraid of not just others, but of the power Pokemon possess. Unwilling to be trained, his parents decide to take him back home. On the trip he discovers TONS of new fears. They stopped in a small town for a bit near their home and Sorren met a Pidgey named Shara, they shared a stray berry pie and became best friends. They were always together except for when Shara's flock went south for the winter. He dreamed of flying with her when he evolved. One winter was predicted to be so bad that the flock needed an extra navigator so they appointed their top junior flier: Shara. She was given x-ray specs. On their last day together before her departure, Shara and Sorren played until the sunset. Sorren's dream of flying was brought down to earth by Shara's revelation of his evolutionary forms, but they promised to be friends forever. That winter came and went with no sign of Shara. The forest was set on fire, Sorren's mother was killed. When Shara arrived, too late to stop the event from happening, a promise was made: For Sorren to be the strongest and for Shara to be the fastest when they next met. Sorren ran and never stopped.

» Other: He has several scars from fights he got into in the past

Administrator's note: The information below is the progress made by the original RPer that could not be edited into the bio template (Items and threads.) Any prospective adopters may want to look through the threads linked below to see if any are open and the relationships this character had with other before filling out an adoption application.

» Inventory:
@Joy Ribbon(Sky Blue)
2 Oran berries
2 Sitrus berries
+TM echoed voice
+Big root
+Light box
+Trap scarf
+Blast seed

Navy Blue Aura Ribbon
3 Reviver Seeds
2 Blast seeds
Swift seed
Petrify orb
Red Gummi
pink gummi
green gummi
5 Watmel berries
8 Pecha berries
5 Cheri berries
1 Oran berry
2 Sitrus berries
Cacnea spike
6 Sticks
TM-False swipe

» Page Count: 55 (2 till next level)
» Threads:
Click for list of threads:

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PostSubject: Re: Sorren the Combusken   Sun May 05, 2013 5:29 pm

Ik, I was there too ^_^
And I apologize for the whole intro speech, copy and pasted that time (I was lazy >_<)

BlueKat12 Edit: oops, accidentally deleted the acceptance post ^^' this bio was accepted |D
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PostSubject: Re: Sorren the Combusken   Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:36 pm

Character Put Up For Adoption
Pokemon has been put up for adoption due to inactivity


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PostSubject: Re: Sorren the Combusken   

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Sorren the Combusken
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