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 Board Updater Responsibilities

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PostSubject: Board Updater Responsibilities   Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:03 am

The Job of a Board Updater
A Board Updater has three main responsibilities: 1. To keep the job statuses updated, 2. To move the Jobs to the Job Archive once completed, and 3. To create random jobs so that there is always something for a team in need of a mission.

Once a Job is taken, the Board Updater is in charge of locking the Job Topic and labeling it as taken. If the mission is completed successfully, then the Board Updater is in charge of moving said mission to the Job Archives and labling it as completed. If, however, the mission is failed, the Board Updater must then unlock the topic and label it as an open job again. When a job is completed, you must put in the description of the job's topic, which team completed it  for future reference.

A Board Updater must also create random jobs from random Pokemon clients from time to time to keep things fresh and alive. Random jobs are to be created and handled in the same way as those created by the members of the site.

Exploration Ranks
As keepers of the Bulletin Boards, it is also your responsibility to make sure that each team gets the correct amount of exploration points added to their team's total in the Guild Records topic. When a team completes a job, all you need to do is edit the topic, find the right team and edit their total so that the new points earned are added to the previous total. The Grassveil Guild Records can be found here.

As with all other aspects of the site, any questions or comments should be posted to the Questions and Suggestions section or PMed to a Moderator or an Administrator. Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

Board Updater Mission Tracker NEW FOR 2015
A special spreadsheet has been made to keep track of missions in guilds. The spreadsheet has the ability to track when missions: expire, and when they go inactive.

As long as this sheet is kept up to date. Board Updaters should not need to constantly watch missions for expiration dates. Inactivity dates need to be updated more often to keep track of whether a mission is considered inactive.

To gain edit access, You must contact Coaster via PM!

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Board Updater Responsibilities
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