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 Staff Applications

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PostSubject: Staff Applications   Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:17 pm

Staff Applications

So. As promised, this thread is where we will handle all Staff Applications. When applying, please keep in mind that not everyone will be accepted and anyone who is denied will have been denied for a reason, whether it is past behaviour or a tendency to be inactive for long periods of time.

These are the main staff positions and their roles in the running of the site:

-Board Updaters-
The name gives away the job. Board Updaters are there to make sure that taken jobs are moved to the appropriate forum and are labelled correctly. They also have the job of creating new requests and wanted posters when the boards are running short. Board Updaters are also responsible for updating the amount of exploration points each Exploration Team has after the jobs they do.
Mainly in charge of character approval, Secretaries have to check over each bio and manage the Character Creation category of the forum. They also manage the Character Adoption section.
These members of staff are in charge of making sure the rules are upheld and the systems in place on the site are not abused. Mods will also answer any Questions or Suggestions in the appropriate boards and can approve or deny shop requests with the guidance of an administrator.

-Board Updater-
If your application to be a BU is accepted, but your aspiration is for a higher staff position (such as Mod or Secretary), you will first need to demonstrate that you can be trusted to do your job as part of the site staff. Express to us that you want that higher position, but show us that you are, and would be, very capable of upholding the position that you are striving for. Board updaters, if you fit the requirements, are usually automatically accepted and you are put on trial unless there is something preventing it such as an action recently performed or the staff's belief that you are not capable. Depending on how and what you do will determine whether or not you keep your job. The same goes for Record Checker!

-Record Checker-
If your application to be a RC is accepted, this is a job that is more tedious than Board Updater, but an important one. Record Checkers are in charge of checking the accuracy of records, notifying someone when their records are not accurate or missing a field, and suggesting different ways of making records cleaner and more readable when they're not as messy.

-Record Checker and Board Updater are the only positions available for application at this point in time-


The above sections are just a quick briefing on the very basics of each position, as each of them have a full topic dedicated to what the jobs entails and how to go about it. The Board Updater topic can be found in the Bulletin Boards board, however the other two are kept in the Staff board, which is hidden from normal members for the sake of discretion.

All staff members should be active for at least five days a week, unless you're on vacation or have personal problems or something along those lines. Board Updater positions are more lenient on this condition as long as you are online a few times a week to update the bulletin boards, however Secretary and Mod positions are more heavily reliant on high levels of activity.

Applications that are accepted will not necessarily have their new job permanently. Each accepted applicant will be given a probationary period where they will have to learn the ropes and show that they are capable of doing the job. (Usually lasting about a week)

All staff members are part of a staff 'team'. If you cannot get along with the other members of that team then you will be stripped of your position.

All staff applicants must have at least gained a 'Member' rank on the forum, otherwise your application will be immediately denied. All applications before Monday the 8th of October 2012 are exempt from this rule.

Application Form
[size=10][b]» Username:[/b]
[b]» Position Wanted:[/b]
[b]» Why do you want this position?[/b]
[b]» Why do you think you are a good candidate for the job?[/b]
[b]» What sets you apart from others?[/b]
[b]» What qualities would you bring to the staff team?[/b]
[b]» Do you have any previous experience?[/b]
[b]» How often are you on the site?[/b]
[b]» What level is your first character?[/b][/size]

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Staff Applications
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