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 Shawns grassveil logs

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Shawns grassveil logs Empty
PostSubject: Shawns grassveil logs   Shawns grassveil logs EmptyWed Feb 06, 2013 11:28 pm

Shawn just came back from signing up at the guild. ok so im gonna train at pecha forest. It is quite easy to train over there, since most of the pokemon are oblivious to danger. shawn heads his way over to pecha forest again.

[17:57:37] Maxiorc : honedge+ recently killed bulbasaur+retaliate move= one hits lucario 3 levels below
[17:57:50] Maxiorc : that was an epic hit. not very effective, and wasnt critical
[17:57:59] Maxiorc : yet it one hit the lucario. that is something i shoulda recorded
[17:58:19] Jikumo : its the power of ripping your shirt off and yelling, Max
[17:58:52] Maxiorc : swords dont have shirts. only sheaths
[17:59:01] Maxiorc : ok that just sounded MESSED UP.
[17:59:09] Jikumo : Ripping your...sheath....off...
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Shawns grassveil logs
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