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 Energy System and Dice

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PostSubject: Energy System and Dice   Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:42 am

Energy System and Dice

Finding Items and Encountering Pokémon in Dungeons

Another essential part of a mystery dungeon rp. This should be rather simple to remember but remember staff are always available if you have any questions!


Finding and Encountering
To find Items and Pokémon, you must roll a dice, but in order to roll the dice, these conditions must be met;

» It is after the first five posts of a thread.
» You are in a dungeon to begin with.
» You have not already rolled 10 times with you character  in that page

Of course you can't encounter a feral pokémon or find an item say in the middle of Grassveil Town. But that's obvious so... moving on.

The Roll of the Dice
When you decide you want to encounter a pokémon or find an item, you need to roll the dice.
Rolling the dice is actually very easy when you know how. You just need to type in this code;

[roll="name of die"][/ roll]

NOTE: Your post preview contains an option below similar to polls for dice usage. Do not use this as it will not embed the roll in your post!!

You can roll multiple times in one code by placing a number between the "]" and "[" but you cannot roll more times than the amount of energy you currently have. For example, you have 9 energy, meaning you can roll up to 9 times and no more, meaning you cannot roll 40 times in one post because you don't have 40 energy. The results will then be given to you once you post and you must recalculate your energy depending on what you have rolled. If you roll things that will throw you into negative energy, you will remain at zero.

You also cannot roll more than 10 times per page per character, meaning if you have one character in a thread with another character, both of you can roll a max of 20 dice combined, but each can only roll 10 times in each page.
The dices' names change depending on the dungeon, each dice is named after the dungeon it is in, for example, Pecha Forest's dice would be;

[roll="Pecha Forest"][/ roll]

"The" in names are not included in the dice, and there are only two exceptions to the names being the same as the dungeon.

Black Spiral Staircase's code is actually;

[roll="Black Spiral"][/ roll]

and Black Spear Mountain Range is actually;

[roll="Black Spear Mountain"][/ roll]

Of course you would have to take the spaces out between the / and the word roll so that the code would actually work.

You will not get the result of the dice roll until you send your post. You cannot choose whether the encounter is a pokemon or an item, so it is advised to roll the dice one post before you actually plan to encounter/find something. But be careful as you Should Not edit your post after a dice roll has been made as it will change the outcome. As stated in the site's main rules thread, anyone found to have deliberately edited their posts to get a different result will get an automatic 5 day ban from the forum.

Energy is what allows you to do things in a thread, such as enter a specific dungeon and roll dice for items and encounters. Once your character has run out of energy it is suggested that you have them "Faint", BUT your character may remain in the thread. You can choose whether they pass out for a bit, become to exhausted to move, or whatever to keep the thread going. Something to remember when dealing with energy, is that energy is not health, though it does in some cases act like it. You cannot roll more than the amount of energy you have, and you cannot roll more than 10 per character with each page.

Overall Energy
Your "Base Energy"(BE for short) will be determined according to this:
Overall Stats - # BE
1-100 - 5 BE
101-200 - 8 BE
201-300 - 11 BE
301-400 - 14 BE
401-500 - 17 BE
501+ - 20 BE

Mega evolution will NOT affect your base energy here.

To find your overall stats, simply use the site linked in the following text:
To find your pokémon, simply hit CTRL+F and type in your pokémon's species name and you will be guided to it.
That is your BASE stat, meaning that is what you will DEFINITELY have more than that in total. Once you have found your base energy, simply add on the number of levels your character is to it. For example, if you were a level 5 Bidoof, your total stat would be 250. A total stat of 250 would mean it has 11 BE(Base Energy). Your character is level 5 though, so now your Energy is 16. If you were level 2 your Energy would be 13, and Level 3 would be 14. Each level adds 1 point of Energy.

Using Energy
Energy is an important factor, it is needed to roll the dice of both Encountering and Items. Items will take away 1 energy each time if you have enough energy for it. Mission items do not count as regular items as they have no use to you aside from the mission, and do not count towards your energy.

When you enter a dungeon, a certain number of energy will be subtracted from your total energy. If you have 30 energy, and go into a dungeon that takes away 15 when you enter, you will have 15 energy remaining to be used. You CANNOT go into a dungeon that takes away all of your energy.

The amount Encountering takes away varies on just what appears, so use with caution. It will say on the dice result's image what amount of energy is lost by fighting or running away from this creature. You also CANNOT go into the negatives.

Certain Items have certain effects. Refer to the post below this one for a list of items that can be found along with their effects.

Restoring Energy
Low on energy? Character can barely move? Healing items such as Oran Berries will restore your energy upon being eaten. Please refer to the list below this for details on what items and moves do what to your characters energy, more may be added over time.

If you do not have such healing items, then you can simply rest your character or prolong battles that you currently have. Each page will restore 1 energy point, so dragging things out will not only earn you more pages to level up, but more energy to use! If you spend an entire page not encountering or finding any item, the 1 energy you receive will add onto your energy. This means you have limitless energy and can keep stacking it up as long as you like without using it! Although, when you end the thread and leave the dungeon, it will be set back to your Normal Total Energy.

If you are burned or poisoned, the 1 energy you gain naturally with each page is negated until you are cured from the status condition, meaning you can last indefinitely without being cured as long as you are careful with when you roll for items/encounters.
*Toxic Poison however takes away one energy per page.

Pokemon will sometimes have a tag on their encounter that will forcibly give the person who rolled them the status the icon represents if the character is lower leveled than the energy they cost plus 10. So if a weedle appears that costs 8 energy, you WILL be poisoned unless you're level 18 or above. Same goes for sleep, paralysis, freeze, and other such conditions.
*NOTE: For poison status, if your character is more than 10 levels lower than the energy, then your character will be TOXIC poisoned, taking away one energy with each page.

-Using Oran berries even when you're at your total energy, will INCREASE your energy for that thread. Meaning you can spam Oran Berries into your character and end up with 500 energy if you really want to, but when you end that thread and go to another, it will go back to your total energy.

-Try taking turns on who rolls the dice, that way when your character is exhausted, your partner can begin to roll while your character rests and heals.

-Keep track of your energy by posting your total amount of current energy in each post, or alternatively you can do it every now and then, but please keep track of how much energy you have! Moderators will be on the prowl and will likely spot miscalculated energy, but having an incorrect energy total on purpose is against the site rules, the consequence being that the moderator will edit your post to have the correct amount, perhaps even penalizing you by  deducting more energy depending on the situation. Moderators however may not be able to tell whether it was a purposeful or accidental change and so it is advisable to be extra careful.

-Your character, if not affiliated with a guild, can live in one dungeon. They will not lose energy from this dungeon. Moving from that dungeon will result in you not losing energy in the new area. You cannot keep moving around to avoid losing energy and enter stronger areas, characters caught moving too frequently will be locked on the last "home" they were at.

-During Events Only, it is possible for a Pokemon with higher energy to bring up to two Pokemon with an energy total lower than that of the dungeon requirement into a dungeon. However this is set at a maximum of two Pokemon, and it costs another 5 energy per Pokemon on the character escorting the other(s) into the dungeon. The total energy of those being escorted is also deducted to zero and must be replenished with berries or other such energy replenishing items for them to be able to continue. The only case in which you are allowed to do this is an event relating to a site event. If you wish to use this during an event, contact an admin or member of site staff and confirm with them beforehand so that you do not risk using it in the wrong situation and breaking the site rules. You also cannot roll more than 5 per page for each person.


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PostSubject: Re: Energy System and Dice   Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:46 pm

Moves and Items that affect Energy

Any item or move that can and will affect energy levels is listed here for ease of access. In order to find what you are looking for, use Ctrl-F.


Moves that Restore half of your current level
For example if your character was level 14, these moves would restore 7 energy, some under specific circumstances. Can only be used once per thread.

Slack Off
(Can give ally your energy when used on ally)
Milk Drink
(Can give ally your energy when used on ally)
Morning Sun
Heal Order
Giga Drain
Mega Drain
Horn Leech
Drain Punch
Leech Life
Pain Split
(When you have lower health than opponents)
(After Stockpile)
(After a turn)
(Side-effect puts your character to Sleep)
Dream Eater
(When opponent is asleep)

Moves that add one energy with Each Post
After each of these moves is used, you gain 1 energy back for each post you make in the thread in which the move was used.
The effects of each move lasts for only a page before you have to use it again.

Aqua Ring
(You cannot roll for the rest of the page nor can your character move)
Leech Seed
(Works as long as victim is not knocked out and your characters have not moved on from battling them)
Grassy Terrain
(Only works on pokemon on the ground)

Moves that heal Allies by half of the user's energy
These moves can only be used once a thread, but can be used to great effect if timed correctly. Unlike berries, these moves do not add on to your total energy when used, but rather only heal the energy your character has expended within the thread. These moves heal an opponent or ally by half the amount of energy that the user of the move has. E.g if an Audino with 35 energy used heal pulse on their ally, the ally would regain up to 17 energy (rounded down).

Heal Pulse
(Use on opponents or allies only)
(May damage, may heal)

Drains Energy to Completely Restore Partner
As the title says, these moves drain the users energy in order to restore an ally to their full total energy.
Their penalty being that they themselves are reduced to 0 energy.

Lunar Dance
Healing Wish

Moves That Protect
These moves allow you to choose one pokemon in particular of your rolls that wont take away energy from you. Basically a free pokemon.
(A special case where you will remain at one energy out of all of your rolls. So let's say you roll 5 pokemon that take away 15 energy each, you will still have 1 by the end of it if you would have been originally reduced to 0.)
Quick Guard
(Allows you to choose whether you protect a partner or you in the thread from energy reduction.)
Wide Guard
(Allows you to choose whether you protect a partner or you in the thread from energy reduction.)
Crafty Shield
(Allows you to choose whether you protect a partner or you in the thread from energy reduction.)
King's Shield
Mat Block
(Allows you to protect all of your thread partners from a pokemon in their rolls.)
Spiky Shield



Berries and Other Food Items
Apple - Heals 5 Energy

Big Apple - Heals 7 Energy

Huge Apple - Heals 10 Energy

Perfect Apple - Heals 50 Energy

Grimy Food - When eaten, heals energy by 10 and has to inflict a status of choice that your character can be affected by, and will not fade over time, meaning eat a berry or seed or else it wont go away until the thread is ended.

Gummi - Heals 1 Energy if it does not match your character type, 3 if it does.

Oran Berry - Heals 10 energy.

Sitrus Berry - Heals 15 energy.

Heal Seed - Heals all status conditions.

Life Seed - Permanently increases the user's MAX energy by 1.

Reviser Seed - When 0 energy is reached, energy is restored to full amount for the rest of the page, but when that page is finished, it reverts back to 0, nullifies the page regeneration.

Reviver Seed - When 0 energy is reached, energy is restored to full amount.

Accessories and Hold Items
Big Root - The moves Absorb, Drain Punch, Draining Kiss, Dream Eater, Giga Drain, Horn Leech, Leech Life, Mega Drain, Oblivion Wing and Parabolic Charge restore 5 more energy than usual when used, and Aqua Ring, Leech Seed, and Ingrain restore 1 more energy with each post than usual

Black Sludge - Restores 1 more energy per page for poison types, stacks with natural regeneration. Takes away 1 energy per page for any other type, negating the energy per page.

Defense Scarf - Knocks off 1 energy from an encountered pokémon roll.

Diet Ribbon - Increases energy cost by 1.

Heal Ribbon - Increases natural regeneration and increases energy gained per page by 1. (every page now earns you 2 energy instead of 1)

Leftovers - Restores 1 more energy per page for every type, stacks with natural regeneration.

Life Orb - Takes off 5 from each pokemon encounter, however you now lose 5 energy per page instead of gaining 1. This item makes the user stronger but damages the user with each attack.

Lucky Ribbon - Decreases energy cost of encountering an item by 1. (The cost of a Pokémon encounter will not be affected.)

Munch Belt - The wearer's attack and special attack become more powerful, but energy cost increases by 1 (Encountering a pokémon that normally costs 5 energy now costs 6.)

Stamina Band - Decreases energy cost of pokémon, trap, and item finds by 2.(Things that cost 1 energy naturally will just cost 0 now. Does not affect entering a dungeon)

Trap Scarf - Ignore all Trap results rolled while this is worn, even beneficial ones.

Foe-Fear orb - Wild Pokemon will run away, and half of the energy lost in rolling them will be returned, round up if not dividable by two.

House Orbs - You can roll the dice for the dungeon you are in 10 times in one post, you can only acknowledge Pokémon rolls and you do not take the energy reductions from those pokémon.

Itemizer Orb - Can be used on a pokemon to ignore their energy cost and change it into an item, the next item you roll is what it turns into and you still take the 1 energy cost from that item.

Trapbust Orb - When used, ignore the next trap you roll whether it's beneficial or not

Trapper Orb - When used, roll "Trapper Orb Dice". Obey the result as you would any other trap you roll. Roll code found below, when using, please remove the space between Dice and ", and the two equals signs after the last " :
[roll="Trapper Orb Dice "==]1[/roll]

Trawl orb - You can roll the dice for the dungeon you are in 10 times in one post, you can only acknowledge item rolls and you do not take the energy reductions from those items.

Note: More Items/Moves may be added over time, so be sure to check back every now and then!


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Energy System and Dice
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