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 Axineld's Character Info and Inventory

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PostSubject: Axineld's Character Info and Inventory   Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:52 pm

Enzu the Pawniard:

Current Level- 16
Pages to Next Lvl-2
Total Pages: 50
Energy: 30
(Joy Ribbon Active starting @ Lvl13)
Current Move Set-
-Aerial Ace
-False Swipe
-Psycho Cut
-Fury Cutter
-Max Elixir
-Spurn Orb
-Sitrus Berry
-Oran Berry
Inventory: (cont.)
Other Inventory
Worn Items:
-Student's Training Cloak (Joy Ribbon)
Item's at Home:
-Special Band
-Pecha Berry
-Used TM

Threads Enzu has Completed:
Active Threads:
-The Princess's Expedition
-A Queen Must be Calm
-A New Night, A New Move
-Into the Frozen Lands: Strange Rivals Make New Allies?

Enzu's Experiences After Returning To Grassveil:

In Chronological Order:

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PostSubject: Re: Axineld's Character Info and Inventory   Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:50 pm

Lee the Shiny Froakie

Current Level: 6
Pages to Next Lvl: 1
Total Pages: 7
Energy: 20
(Joy Ribbon takes effect at lvl6)
Current Moveset:
-Shinobi Training Scarf(Black Joy Ribbon)
-Petrify Orb

Lee's History

Completed Threads:
Active Thread's
1.Registration and Reunion- The New Team Mizuchi
2.Ninja Encounter
Chronicles of Lee's Journey's
In Chronological Order:
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Axineld's Character Info and Inventory
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