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 Rules (MUST READ)

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PostSubject: Rules (MUST READ)   Rules (MUST READ) EmptySun Jul 29, 2012 3:54 pm

Rules of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP

First of all, welcome to the forum! Of course, no one wants to sit and read the rules but it's probably best if you do since you could miss something important. So please take the time to read these before you attempt to create your character.

Site Etiquette

The site etiquette is a list of general guidelines to help keep your experience pleasant on the site.

  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Think before you act.
  • When in doubt, ask for help.
  • Be patient with others. Everyone has a life on this site, including the staff!

These general guidelines will help you in the long run.

Communication Rules

Unlike our site etiquette, these are rules that must be followed. Failure to follow them may result in penalties against you.

  • Do not advertise without explicit written permission.
  • Do not flame, harrass, or attempt to solicit a hostile response from others.
  • Do not use discriminatory remarks such which includes sexism, racism, or other forms of prejudice on the site. It is not tolerated
  • Be respectful to others

General Rules

  • You are not allowed to roleplay, or post in a roleplay thread before having your character approved. You will know the bio is approved when a Character Moderator (lilac name), Moderator (green name) or an Admin (red name) has replied to it stating that it has been accepted. If not, they will provide a reason as to why it has not been accepted. You will need to make the changes in an edit accordingly and when complete, you are required to post a response stating that you have made the changes. Do not be afraid if you're asked to make edits, it's very rare for people's first application to get through with no complications.
  • Every member can have as many characters as they like, but must pay for them with their poké. Each member starts with 5000 poké to pay for their first character. The Poké system is detailed here.

    When buying and creating a new character, use the template provided in the characters section where you create it. You are not permitted to alter this template with the exception to add additional fields if necessary. Those fields must match the same format as the others and are approved on a per case basis at staff discretion.
  • God modding, which is controlling someone else's character without their express permission, is forbidden. When attacking someone, you cannot write about their actions. When talking to someone, you cannot have their reply in your post. 'Perfect characters' and Metagaming are also expressly banned. If you are unsure what either of these terms means it is advisable to search them in google just to be sure you don't break this rule.

    You may however collaborate on a post if it is absolutely necessary. You must then state that the post was written in collaboration and ensure that you have some way to provide proof you were permitted to write that post.
  • Users are only allowed ONE account per person. Creating multiple accounts with the intent to create more characters quickly will result in all accounts being banned.

    Creating an account to circumvent a ban will result in the ban time being extended and the extra account being banned.

    If you had created a new account due to losing your password, contact an admin immediately so you can be assigned a new password for the old account. The new account will be deleted instead of having both accounts banned.
  • Account usernames should be made up of some form of English letters and should not be comprised completely of symbols such as █. Numbers and symbols can be included in the username but it must not be completely comprised of symbols. Any violation to this rule will result in staff contacting you for a new preferred username. This is done at staff discretion.
  • Character Death: Please be aware that if your character dies, you are not refunded the Poké that the deceased character had cost. You will not be given additional poké to start a new character. It is highly recommmended that you get your first character to at least level 10 to be able to adopt another character OR to create a second character beforehand.
  • Do not beg to become a staff member. Staff applications are usually open. Please visit the application if you are interested instead.
  • For the purpose of clearing out those who have not read the rules, please make use of at least one of these words within your Starter Poké Collection post; "Honeycomb" "Oath" "Zealous" "Inglenook" "Kindling" "Flash" "Soliloquy" "Feline" "Folly" "Enquire"

    We encourage you to be creative in your use of the word in your post but it isn't necessary. We reserve the right to ignore your starter poke post if it does not include one of these words.

    Additionally, if you forget to insert this word. We are not obligated to remind you that it is missing and at staff discretion, the post will be removed.



Your character can be almost any Pokémon species that can be legitimately acquired at level 5 and below and is not a legendary Pokémon. However, if a pokemon possesses a baby form, then the character must be the baby Pokémon. For example, Riolu is the baby form of Lucario. Though it can evolve at any time under the right conditions, your character must first be a Riolu. The same applies for Pichu and Pikachu, Budew and Roselia, to name a few other examples.

Also, be sure to check the Banned Pokémon thread for character species that are currently banned as they cannot be used as until the ban is lifted. Some bans are permanent however and will never be lifted; such as the ban on Wailord and Phione characters.


Your character's name can be from any language as long as it is spelt using english letters. Symbols from other languages such as Japanese, Kanji, or Russian is not allowed. It must be a phonetic English language spelling of your character's chosen name.

The names Rose and Arpeggio are reserved names for the site mascots. Rose being the shiny, Arpeggio the non-shiny. Also attempt to make sure the name is not used by another character. If it is, and it is known by staff, the application may be declined.


Everyone's character is required to start either at Level 5 or lower. There is no exception to this other than applying for a position such a Guildmaster where the character would have to have an extensive history. The rules detailing battling and levelling are here.


Your character affiliation is who or what they associate themselves with. Guild members affiliate themselves with the guild they are a member of. Other than guilds and shops, there are various independent organisations that you can apply to be a member of. Each of these is listed here. New members are encouraged to contact the heads of independent organisations when creating their first characters to see whether their character can join or not. Outlaws are discouraged as first characters and only particularly well-thought out applications are approved first time. This is due to an influx of particularly weak outlaw characters that ended up giving people difficulty in getting threads, rendering them stuck.


Though most Pokémon evolve via reaching a certain level or by using a certain item, some evolve via happiness. Below is a list of special cases for evolution.
Any pokemon that evolves via happiness needs a Soothe Bell
Sliggoo -Rainy Orb-> Goodra
Eevee -Mossy Stone-> Leafeon
Eevee -Icy Rock-> Glaceon
Nosepass/Magneton -Coronet Rock-> Probopass/Magnezone
Eevee -Has consumed 20 Gummis-> Sylveon
Eevee -Soothe Bell + Lunar Ribbon -> Umbreon
Eevee -Soothe Bell + Solar Ribbon -> Espeon

However those that evolve through leveling up have been given a slightly easier task rather than roleplaying all 31 levels for that awesome Charizard, or 25 levels for that lovely Dragonair.

When a pokemon evolves at level 20 or greater then you have permission to lower the amount of levels needed to evolve. This is done by taking the amount of levels between each stage of evolution, dividing it by two, then using that new number as your new evolution level. If you encounter a decimal, always round down.

For example, Dratini evolves into Dragonair at level 30, the number of levels between 0 and 30 is 30, so you take that and divide it by two. Dratini now evolves into Dragonair at level 15. To evolve into a Dragonite, simply repeat the process. A dragonair evolves into a dragonite at level 55, the amount of levels between 30 and 55 is 25. 25 divided by two is 12.5 and since it is a decimal we end up with 12 levels. We then take those levels and add it onto the level that was required to evolve the dragonair. This means 15 + 12, which makes 27 to be the earliest level your dragonair is allowed to evolve into a dragonite.

If you would rather not deal with this then you can simply ignore it and use the normal levels. You are available to evolve anytime in between the new level requirement and the old level requirement, but once you go more than five levels past the old requirement without an everstone in hand your character will be forced to evolve.


Your character cannot be a different colour unless it is a shiny, melanistic, or albino Pokémon. This means no extra spots or stripes, no odd coloured fur. Not even your character's eyes can be different from the official artwork, unless they are shiny. Special Pokémon applications cost more poké than a normal Pokemon application. Other appearance differences such as Spiky-Eared Pichu, Poké Ball Pattern and Fancy Pattern Vivillion, and Dusk Lycanroc cost the same amount of poké as a shiny and so will not be available as a first character for new members. If you wish to have a shiny pokéball pattern vivillion, you will need to pay 15,000 poké for the character


Firstly, your character's history has to make sense both in context of itself and the site as a whole. For example, including humans in your characters history would not make sense, as the world it is set in has no humans living upon it and never has. Your character's history also cannot have any interactions with legendary Pokemon and it is not permitted to have a history with another person's character unless you have their express permission. You also cannot name specific places in your characters history nor come up with particularly noteworthy establishments like entire continents and large cities. You can say they came from some village, were born on some volcano, or something of the sorts, but it cannot actually be named unless it is a canonical place on the site.


A character can start with one Egg move, but no TM or Move Tutor moves. Your character can then have any combination of moves that it can learn before or at Level 5.

Please note that we will be using the level up Gen VII movesets from US/UM, but Move Tutor moves and TM taught moves from across all generations.

TMs can be purchased from shops and there are Pokemon you can turn to if you wish to learn a Move Tutor move, however these pokemon must have passed a test from the dojo in order to be able to teach you the move. Think of it as a degree in teaching a specific move. These Pokémon could potentially also demand a fee for their time.

You are allowed four moves to start with; however, as of May of 2016 we have added the ability to purchase additional move slots. You may purchase up to two additional slots totalling to 6 moves for your move set. The price of additional slots is 800 Poké.


As with the games, your character can only have one ability but if you wish, your character can have a Hidden ability instead of one of the standard ones. If your character's ability is something such as 'Honey Gather' or has some kind of effect outside of battle and you are unsure of how this would work in the context of the site, then simply PM the head admin to make arrangements for the ability's use and implementation. The ability will then be posted here so that those who use the ability in the future will abide by the same rules. It is entirely possible to find ability capsules to change your ability.

Bio Applications

Regarding Character Bio Applications, you are forbidden from posting on bios that you do not own unless you are a staff member designated to handle bio applications. The application is between the poster of the bio and the staff only!

Adopting Characters

Any character belonging to an inactive site member is put up for adoption and adopting a character is rather easy. All you need to do is fill in an adoption application form in the Adoption board and wait for it to be either accepted or denied. Upon acceptance you can claim ownership of that character and use it as if it were your own. Please note the following restrictions below.

  • In order to adopt a character, you must have at least one character of a higher level than the adoptee.
  • Shiny/miscolored characters are available for adoption, but you must pay the difference of 5,000 Poké (as this is what the different coloration costs in character creation).
  • Shiny/overleveled characters are put on restricted access and require far more work to be put into adopting them in order to weed out users who just want an easy shiny/high-level character.
  • In the past, having a shiny would prevent your characters from being put up for adoption in the event of inactivity. However, this is no longer the case.
  • All of your current characters must have been used OR leveled up by you before you may adopt another.
  • You can adopt one character for every five levels on a character originally made by you who is over level 10.



  • Roleplay posts must contain a minimum of 100 words. Notes that are not part of the roleplay are not included!
  • You are not permitted to make a post in a RP thread that is solely an out of character (OOC) post. Your post must contain at last 100 words of roleplay otherwise it will count as breakage of this rule.
  • You may roll a maximum of 10 times per character per page. However, the restriction is reduced to 5 rolls per character per page for event threads.

Character Records

After your character is approved, you cannot and should not edit the bio in any way, unless a staff member has given you some last minute tips on how to improve the layout and or content. Instead, when keeping track of your characters inventory and progress, you must create a topic in the Character Records board. You MUST keep track of your records and keep them updated; this is not an optional procedure. A template has been created to assist you in what fields everyone is reccomended to keep track of, however as long as you incude all of those fields in your Character Records, you can organise it however you want.

Be aware that you can only have one thread per member, though you can present and lay out this thread in any way you like. If you have issues or need help you can contact a Record Checker, Moderator, or Admin to ask questions.

Character Threads

Each character starts with a five thread limit. You may purchase additional thread slots for 1000 Poké each. You may not have more unfinished threads than your character's limit allows. Any threads started or joined by characters that have been sent to the archives are exempt from the rule. If the afore mentioned character is adopted, the thread may resume. If a thread has gone inactive, where someone has not posted in a month, you may have a staff member lock the thread.

Dungeons and NPCs

Dungeons in this world are not set "floors" with stairs for you to reach unless the environment would logically contain them. As an example, there isn't any stairs in Pecha Forest, as it's an expansive forest and not a literal building. When you're in a dungeon, you'll be required to follow the energy system detailed here. While in a dungeon, you cannot spawn in non-player characters at your leisure and must roll them in the dice for that dungeon. The encounters you roll are not required to be hostile and can be simple interactions and stories you perform with those non-player characters.

If you need to spawn or interact with an NPC, however, you may create a social thread. Any thread that is not in a dungeon is automatically a social thread and NPCs can be spawned and interacted with freely, however, important NPCs such a legends, guildmasters, and other assorted noteworthy characters can only be controlled by staff and cannot be summoned into casual threads without staff's approval.

If you wish to have a social thread in a dungeon, then you may tag the thread as [SOCIAL] in your title. Doing this means that no rolls will be permitted in the thread and items cannot be obtained. The trade-off for this, however, is that you may summon NPCs as you like. Anyone caught abusing this system, such as creating some big bad level 100 charizard to be your character's body guard, will face consequence and be dealt with at staff's discretion on a case by case basis.

If you are controlling an NPC, you have to have your own character somewhere in the thread. Only NPC Roleplayers and staff roleplay NPCs without the presence of their characters.

Status Ailment Enforcement

When you are using the energy system, dice included, you may encounter items that have colored bubbles with shortened version of the status ailment's name. When these occur, you must add these ailments onto your character depending on your character's level.

The ailment must be applied to your character if their level is lower than the energy cost of that particular rolled item plus 10. Take it that you rolled an item costing 5 energy, and your character is level 12. You would check to see if your character is either level 15 or higher to be allowed to ignore the status ailment.

For the poison ailment. If your character's level is 10 levels lower than the energy cost of the thing that inflicts the poison, your character gets badly poisoned. This means you will be losing energy per page instead of not gaining any with normal poison.

Note: You are only required to enforce the first ailment of your roll within a particular post.

Bulletin Board Missions

To prevent the abuse of the job system there are some rules to completing bulletin board missions. Each rank of mission has a minimum amount of pages needed to be completed for it to be counted as a successful mission.

Any threads that do not reach the limit for the appropriate rank will be immediately cast off as failed, even if the events in that thread resulted in a completed mission.

Difficulty Page Requirements

  • F - One Page
  • E - One Page
  • D - One Page
  • C - Two Pages
  • B - Two Pages
  • A - Two Pages
  • S - Two Pages

  • * - Three Pages
  • *0 - Three Pages
  • *1 - Three Pages
  • *2 - Three Pages
  • *3 - Three Pages
  • *4 - Three Pages
  • *5 - Three Pages
  • X - Four Pages
  • XX - Four Pages

Mission Dice

When in a mission concerning finding a certain item, use the mission die;

[roll="Mission Dice"][/ roll]

To determine whether or not you find the item. Please remember to take out the spaces of the code so it works when you post it! It can only be rolled once a page and what you find is dependent on what you roll.

  • 1 - Find 1 of that item
  • 2 - Find 2 of that item (If mission has multiple items)
  • 3 - Find 3 of that item (If mission has multiple items)
  • 4 - Nothing

If you roll a 2 or 3 on a single item finding mission, you will still find the item.

Concerning Consequences

Consequences are given at staff discretion! However, these are the general guidelines we follow. Disrespecting site staff WILL result in a ban.

  • 1st Offence: Warning
  • 2nd Offence: 2 Day Ban
  • 3rd Offence: 1 Week Ban
  • 4th Offence: 30 Day (Month) Ban
  • 5th Offence: Permanent Ban
  • Please be aware that certain rule breakings can result in an automatic ban. Most are stated above.

Now that you have finished reading the rules, please post in the topic linked below and wait to receive your 5000 Poké before creating your first character. It might be a good idea to read the rules again as it is a lot to take in.

Starter Poké Collection

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Rules (MUST READ) P5_sty10

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